To Blog, Or Not To Blog

I am a bottom feeder of the computer world. I buy second hand computers, build them from scratch, or do a combination of both. I carry over peripherals from one to the next. I type this on a Focus 2001 keyboard that has been on over a half dozen units, beginning with an XT I built many years ago. It requires a huge adaptor, which in turn requires about a foot of clearance behind the CPU. I am cautious, late to adopt technology. I was late moving to music on CD, and late to abandon the same. I am a creature of the past.

Thus, I am late to the blogosphere. I am moved now by my simultaneous creation of, my new site for all things Scandinavian, but my posts here will not be limited just to things related to the althing. I also anticipate postings on anything that strikes my fancy. Who knows where this will lead. In any event, I better get to bed. Got to get up and get to work in a couple of hours.

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