To Cascade, or Not To Cascade – Hamlet Redux

Apparently I am not only erring by using Frontpage 2003, but my coding (such as it is) is woefully crappy due to my reliance on tables at the expense of cascading style sheets. I have reviewed many sites extolling the virtues of using CSS, and the logic makes sense. I do a lot of extra leg work making changes to my site to every page that I could just make globally through a quick CSS edit, but I have quite a lot of work done, and I don’t relish the thought of going back and doing it all over. One alternative is to begin a revamp offline, and maybe using Kompozer in the process, which seems to be more up to date from all I’ve read about it. I’m still not sold on Drupal or Joomla, or that ilk. I really don’t care if the White House uses one of them or not. In any event, I need to keep up the work, updating and adding to The Althing, regardless of how I go about it.

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