Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

In my day job, I am a librarian for the Florida Department of Corrections. Now I’m in a regional position as a professional resource for 23 libraries in 15 institutions. Before that, I spent 9 years as librarian at Union Correctional Institution in Raiford, Florida, and yes, that is where death row is located. I had a branch library on death row. Oddly, at least a couple of guys on death row are former librarians. Or maybe that’s not so odd, as I do know a librarian or two who, as we say down here, “ain’t quite right in the head.” One of my mentors in my librarian career is Janet Coggan. She was my predecessor in my current job, and was instrumental in my following her when she retired. I recently discovered that among her talents, she had a background in marketing. I asked her to look The Althing over, which she did, giving me some good feedback. One of the things she asked was where I got my links from, and did I give credit to those who provided them? Some of them were known to me personally, while others have been located through online searches. Many came from direct solicitation of family and friends. In fact, I had contemplated giving credit, without yet deciding.

I’ve decided, amd will give credit to folks who provide links (unless they jump me and demand I get their names off that site).

One of the people I will be giving credit to is also the first person not directly known to me to provide links. Karl Hakkarainen was told about the site by his friend (and my cousin) Patti Anklam. Karl is of Finnish descent, and gave me some good links for Finnish culture, which I will soon be integrating into the site. This is much appreciated. It should not be surprising that the first fruit of networking should come from Patti, who is an expert on the subject and has written books on it. In fact, as she is part Danish, I should put her books here, too. A very smart lady.

Karl , a.k.a.” RoasterBoy“, is an interesting guy. I had to check out his company site, Queen Lake Consulting. Looks so pastoral at first glance. So sedate. Look deeper, my friend. Thanks, Karl, and thanks, Patti.

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