Update Complete

I just uploaded the last of the revised pages for The Althing, and I’m pretty happy with how things went. So far, so good. I did a quick study of CSS, got up to speed, got my free copy of HTML-Kit version 292, and went to town. The results are cleaner, and far more professional in appearance. There are still a few bugs to iron out, but the main thing now is that I can resume my search for things Scandinavian, and get my content ball rolling again. Things continue to evolve, as I have eliminated a proposed “News” page, and moved the content I had there to the respective country pages. Makes more sense that way, and is less cluttered. There are still a handful of pages with only place-holder content, and a “Culture” page I had begun in FrontPage but never uploaded to the site. Page I look forward to most is my “Genealogy” page, which will begin with the contents of a page I did for my MLIS studies at the University of South Florida. That page can be seen here.

Next programming project down the road will be to learn PHP, download a free WAMP package, and go to work making the site a little more dynamic.

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  1. annodomini says:

    The old genealogy page can no longer be seen.

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