Hello Stranger

Long time no see, stranger.

I know. All my fault. It’s me, not you.

Well that old tempus sure does fugit when you’re having fun. I looked at some of the dates of my earlier posts and I was stunned, though I really shouldn’t have been. With one or two notable exceptions, I manage my time pretty well. It’s just that it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for creative endeavors. The job has become easier as I pass my one year anniversary (and my twelfth year with the state), but there are still large segments of intense activity, such as GED prep and the actual testing, the quarterly graduations, trying to spend out meager funds wisely, and trying to get new staff hired in the narrow windows of opportunity we are occasionally presented with. All that would be enough, but I also have to secure a permanent Florida teaching certificate by June of next year, and then I have about another year to get the additional credits for education leadership. In the meantime, I look for ways to move back into the library world, but my prison library experience carries little weight in the free world.

The Althing has been updated for the first time in a long time, and that is good. There are many things I plan on doing, including moving the site to all PHP code, integrating more API’s, and adding much more content. Be warned…Lutefisk is coming.

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