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One of the benefits of the move to Tallahassee has been the gift of time. I have now used that time to put into action some of the plans I’ve had for The Althing. The Movie page has been updated through the use of PHP and MySQL and now offers not only the chance to purchase DVD’s of the films on, but the ability to stream the films (when available). There is also information on each film courtesy of the Rotten Tomatoes API. To access that information, I also had to get up to speed on the basics of JSON. In short, diving back into the nuts and bolts end of the page in a big way.

Still, having to take a U-turn on one plan, which was to redesign the Music page, adding in MP3 sales. I really wanted to have the ability for folks to sample brief excerpts of the music, just as you can do on iTunes or, but Amazon does not offer that option in their links. I have done a survey of all available music websites, and don’t see that available from anyone that has an associates program. Not sure which way I will go next. Want very much to get “Lutefisk” up on the site. What is Lutefisk, you ask? Doesn’t everyone know? I’ll just give a hint and say it will be another outlet for my strange sense of humour. One thing I most definitely will be doing is to update the calendar entries in a big way. I have really let that lag since I instigated it, to the point there is no current content on it. That will change soon.

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