Stop Fugiting, You Damn Tempus!

It has been almost two years since I posted anything on the Althing blog. Shame on me. Of course I have my candy ass excuses, but I will spare you.

No I won’t. Since my last posting I went through the highly stressful process of finally selling our old house in Baker County. I went through the even more highly stressful process of looking for a house in Tallahassee, of finding several, of having a deal or two go bad, of settling on “the one” only to learn just before closing that the place had two mortgages and the sales price was less then both combined. Needless to say the banks balked. Now go through the highly stressful process of a short sale, which was successful after several months and a change of financial institutions. Now go through moving about 90% of our vast accumulation of crap myself over the course of three weeks (with two very intensive weekends).

Midway through this soap opera I assumed responsibility as Library Services Administrator for the Florida Department of Corrections. No stress there, following two almost mythic personages in the position. Throw in the demands of family and all that entails.

Finally there’s my health. A bit before we moved to Tallahassee in late 2013 I started fighting intense acid reflux with some very bad nights along the way. I severely altered my eating habits and since that time my weight has fallen from 250 to 160. Comments have gradually changed from “damn, you look good” to “damn, hope you’re not dying.” Yeah, I hope I’m not dying, too. I’m nearly 56 and probably ought to have the whole colonoscopy, upper GI rigmarole. Pretty sure my prostate ain’t right, either. What I seek to avoid is getting on that, “gee, we don’t know what’s wrong with you so we’ll order an endless chain of tests.” I’ve seen this in car repair. “That didn’t work. Let’s try replacing the alternator.” On the bright side I did have dual cataract surgeries a week apart, with very successful results (so far). Of course even with good insurance that set me back over a grand, and my finances are razor thin right now with the new house, so you can see why the Thing has suffered. This past week has seen a flurry of new content, and updates and fixes, but no telling where we go from here. Hope I’m not pushing up daisies for a while.

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