18 May 1943 – Letter from Dad to Mom

Letter or Postcard – Letter

Sender – Ralph Peterson

Recipient – Phyllis Peterson

Postmark Place – Red Bank, New Jersey

Postmark Date – 18 May 1943

Letter Date – 17 May 1943


My dearest wife and baby,

Hi, girls. How are you tonight? I am feeling fine and pretty full. I should be full because I ate a lot of that stuff you sent me. Boy, was I ever glad to get it. I knew I was going to get a package but I didn’t figure on that much. I am glad you sent me something like that ’cause then I know you love me a lot. I was not the only one who liked it, because there was a lot of guys around here that seem to like the candy as much as I did. One kid really went for the Cracker Jacks. I called him a big baby for eating them, then I turned around and ate most of them myself. Just to know that they came from you made them taste a lot better. I’m going to keep a lot of the candy for a while because I maybe can use it later. Besides, I want the candy to last for a long time. I also got the money that you sent me. I ain’t going to use it as I won’t have to. I’m going to write yours and Bonny’s name on it and keep it for a keepsake. I also want to thank your folks for the book. That is another thing I like to get, and it looks like a good book. I haven’t had time to read it yet, but I will start it tomorrow night. I got the Argus and a letter from you that was sent through St. Pete. Oh, by the way, when I get done with the book I will send it back to you and you can send me another one, all right? I am getting along good in school. Already I can receive seven words a minute. All you have to do is learn five words a minute in five weeks and I have seven words a minute and in a little over a week, so I guess I am getting along all right. I will have to close now if I want to mail this tonight, so until tomorrow night, Sweetheart, all my love and kisses to my dearest Phyllis and Bonny from Daddy.

PS – Give Bonny a big kiss for me, will you?

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