23 May 1944 – Letter from Dad to Mom

Letter or Postcard – Letter

Sender – Ralph Peterson

Recipient – Phyllis Peterson

Postmark Place – Red Bank, New Jersey

Postmark Date – 25 May 1943

Letter Date – 23 May 1943


My dearest wife and baby,

Got your letter today and was awfully glad to get it, but I think you should write longer letters. I know I don’t write very long ones, but I will try and write a little longer ones after this and I want you to write me ones that are a lot sweeter. I miss your loving so much that I want you to make it up in your letters. Will you do that, honey? I know it is going to be a little hard loving me as much through your letters than it was when I was home. When I was home and if didn’t feel good or was mad about something then you could come and kiss me and then everything would be all right. Now when I get feeling that way your letters help me out. Sometimes they make me feel real good and other times I don’t know just how they make me feel. It makes me feel lonesome and blue and sort of put out, but the way I write I suppose you feel that way all the time. It’s just that I can’t think of anything to write. I know it is hard for you to write everyday, too, because I don’t suppose there is much going on up there, either, but if you just write me that you love me a whole lot in each letter I will be satisfied. Okay, sweetheart? There wasn’t much doing today. Just went to school and seen some movies on the war. I am up to ten words a minute now so I am getting along good. At least I think I am. The average for two weeks is between five and seven words so I am a little bit ahead. Tonight our barracks was on detail around the camp, just cleaning up. I was put on a truck and had to haul sand for the roads. It was the first time I ever was in one of these big trucks but I got around with it all right. When I was out after the sand it was the first time that I have been off the camp grounds. I would much rather stay in camp, though, and wait for your letters. I have not ever use my pass yet and I know I won’t because I don’t care to go out. There isn’t much to write about, dearest, tonight. I got my picture taken yesterday but can’t get them until after payday as my pocketbook won’t let me do it, but you will get them as soon as I can. I don’t suppose they will be much to look at seeing it is my ugly face, but then you can see what I look like in case you forgot. You haven’t, have you? I think I better close now as it is getting late and the lights are going out soon. All my love and kisses to my dearest wife and baby from Pappy

PS – Kisses to you and Bonny. God, how I miss you honey.


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