26 May 1943 – Letter from Dad to Mom

Letter or Postcard – Letter

Sender – Ralph Peterson

Recipient – Phyllis Peterson

Postmark Place – Red Bank, New Jersey

Postmark Date – 27 May 1943

Letter Date – 26 May 1943


Hi sweetheart,

Got your letter today and was sure glad to get one after missing yesterday. And it was an awful nice letter, too, the kind I like to get. Just the right length. I suppose you will think it is funny for me to agree on the letters but I really like the letter I got today. Just keep it up and I will be satisfied. Then the only day I will miss will on Sunday, as they don’t pass out the mail then. I also got Avis’s letter, too, and was glad the little squirt wrote to me, but for God’s sake don’t tell her I called her that. Maybe then she won’t even write to me, and I just love to get mail, especially if it is from you. It is a sort of relaxation to lay down at night and read letters from home. It makes me feel good. I can lay back and close my eyes and dream that I am home beside you. Gosh, honey, that sure is a grand feeling. If I could only make the dream come real one of these times. But I don’t suppose I can until I get out of school. Maybe I better tell you more about my school and where I will go when I get done here. You see, if I pass this school here – that is, if I get thirteen words a minute – I will go to post school, which is a school for advanced training that lasts for three months. If I get through that all right I will get a sergeant’s or a staff sergeant’s rating and be sent to be attached to some air squadron. From there I don’t know where. If I don’t pass the school I will be sent out to some air squadron anyway, but won’t get the rating and will have a lot harder work. I only hope I make the post school as it will be a lot better and I can use the rating and the money. The rating I can use to make you feel more proud of me and the money because then maybe I can send some home to you. As far as my stripe goes I have got it but can’t wear it or use it while I am on this post, but when I get out of here I can put it on. The reason is this – I have been transferred out of the Signal Corps and am now in the Air Corps. When I get done here I will be sent back to the Air Corps. That is the reason I can’t wear my stripe. The Signal Corps can’t give an Air Corps man a rating. Don’t worry, I will let you know when I will use it because I would like to have that stripe on. It will make me feel a lot more important. So our baby is starting to write already. Try and get her to write me a letter all by herself. Do you think she can do that? Maybe not for a while, yet. I want to be home when she starts writing. I remember Thelma had the same idea about you trying to take Bonny away from her. Boy, is she nuts. Ain’t it? I don’t think you would try anything like that, would you? It would hurt poor old Thelma so much. Don’t worry about us making up what we lost. When I get home we are going to spend at least a year just to ourselves. I mean you, Bonny, and I. Do what we want to and when we want to. It is worth all of that after we are separated for this long. Don’t call yourself names, honey, about making me feel bad. I think I should call myself all the names I can think of, as I have wrote you nothing but all my worries, but I will try and cut that out. I know it don’t help you any. There isn’t much more for me to scribble about unless I tell you it is raining again. Which it is doing half of the time here anyway. I will close now as it is getting late and I want to write to Harold Button and take a shower yet tonight, so for tonight all my love and kisses to my one and only love and our baby, from Daddy

PS – Thanks for sending me shoes. It will save my feet a lot. Night, now, babies

Notes: A much meatier letter with a more adult tone. I am very curious about what was going on with Thelma [Shruck] Pick, who was Mom’s first cousin and as far as I know never had children of her own. One sentence Dad is calling her crazy and the very next he is sympathetic to whatever her situation was. Something I will have to look into further if I can.

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