Still Sorting Things Out

I continue to develop a plan of action on how to build The Althing. Using FrontPage 2003 seems so arcahic, although I can make it do pretty much what I want to do using tables. I downloaded Kompozer and looked it over, and leaned very much in the direction of using that application, but a few things keep gnawing on me. Even though Kompozer has it’s proponents, they make no bones about it being a work in progress. They won’t even refer to it as version 1.0, and after fiddling around with it I see why. There are a few hairy edges here and there. I’ve been tutoring myself on CSS design, have built and downloaded a few CSS layouts built at free online sites. They looked okay in Kompozer, but then I went to a rather nice site, CSS Layout Generator. This site was the first to incorporate a CSS Reset in the code. I tried both the Eric Meyers and the Yahoo resets. Neither really wanted to mesh nicely with Kompozer’s CSS editor, and I got some strange results. I find myself now being nudged further in the direction of using straight code, and I have downloaded HTML-Kit for review. The fact is, I never intended “The Thang” to have too many bells and whistles, aiming more for a clean, minimalist approach in keeping with classic Nordic taste. I have no use for sites with music and movies and animation and what-have-you on the front page, stuff that loads and says “Hey! Look at me!” without adding anything to the experience. Couple that with the fact there are so many CSS resources online where you can build layouts, and menus, and many other things without coding much yourself, and I’m hoping HTML-Kit might be the answer. Time will tell.

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