5 March 1943 – Letter from Dad to Mom

Letter or Postcard – Letter

Sender – Ralph Peterson

Recipient – Phyllis Peterson

Postmark Place – St. Petersburg, Florida

Postmark Date – 5 March 1943

Letter Date – 4 March 1943


Dearest wife,

Hello sweetheart. Here I am writing to you again. That’s one thing I won’t forget to do. I didn’t get a letter from you yet today but I am hoping for one tomorrow or the next day. There is a night mail coming about eight and I only hope that there is a letter in that bunch for me, but I won’t start worrying until Saturday and then I will start to wonder what’s wrong.  But I bet you I will get one tomorrow.  Well, today I had one hell of a day.  We started drilling this morning and drilled all day.  When we got up this morning it was only 40 degrees above but by two it was only about 85 degrees above.  Then, after a bunch of drilling of close-order and more drilling we took physical exercises for about two hours. Then to top all that off I had to run the obstacle course.  Boy am I tired out.  My pal from Coloma got a letter from his wife today and so he is writing one back right beside me.  He sure feels good about getting a letter from his wife, but nothing is going to top my joy when I get my letter from you.  I think I will frame that first letter from you.  Sweetheart you don’t know how I miss you.  When I go to bed at night all I do is dream of snuggling up to you like we used to do and going to sleep in each other’s arms.  When I get my first furlough I think I might make up for lost time and sleep a couple of days and nights right in a row and I know you feel the same about me don’t you? I know you miss me as much as I miss you.  The Colonel wasn’t around today so we didn’t have to parade in front of him.  I was so tired that I couldn’t have marched a step anyway.  By the way, our song for our squadron is “On Wisconsin.”  At least it is that most of the time. The other song we sing is the Army Air Corps song.  They are both swell marching songs.  How is everybody up that way?  All your aunts and uncles?  Tell them hello for me and also tell them to write to me.  I know I can find time for anybody that writes to me.  Well, I will have to close as I have to write to my brother Clarence and my stepmother.  That’s all for now until tomorrow night. Bye, sweetheart.  Love and kisses from your soldier husband Ralph.


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