7 May 1943 – Postcard from Dad to Mom

Letter or Postcard – Postcard

Sender – Ralph Peterson

Recipient – Phyllis Peterson

Postmark Place – New York, New York

Postmark Date – 7 May 1943

Letter Date – None



Dearest wife and baby,

Well here I am, still going on my trip. Right now we are stopped at Philadelphia. This is a great big city, but it is just full of coal smoke. After I get where I’m going I will write and tell you all the cities I have been through. I think that we will be where we are going in a little while, in about an hour or so. One thing, I won’t be in Chicago, but this will be closer than California. Lots of love from Ralph

Notes: Dad is now down to using generic penny postcards without images. Interesting observation about the coal smoke. About this time Philadelphia neared its peak population and was the third largest city in the United States.

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