Holy RSS Crap

Well, got an email from 1and1 to tell me that they would no longer support the version of PHP I was using for www.the-althing.com, so I had to go in and upgrade. I did that, going up to 7.4, but then it suggested I check out the page to verify it was playing nice with the new version. When I did so I saw that all the country pages where I had listed eBay and YouTube stuff were now showing a generic crap page talking about RSSDog. At first I’m thinking the worst, that someone hacked my site and were trying to drive people to a nefarious link, but when I checked my code I realized that I myself had used RSSDog to scrape the data from the aforementioned sites, and now apparently that is broken for some reason. This is the price I pay for basically not managing the site during the past year, so some of my upcoming time will be spent trying to come up with a workaround for the new situation. Yahoo.

Serves me right.

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