A Paucity of Scandinavian Restaurants?

One of the things I have tried to feature in the development of www.the-althing.com is Scandinavian food, and restaurants serving Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, and Icelandic food. So far, the latter has proven to be an elusive item. I personally have only seen a couple of them in my lifetime, and I have eaten at them both. The first was the restaurant at the Norwegian pavailion at EPCOT, where I have eaten twice, and the other was a small Danish place down in Delray Beach. My search has been limited to the ubiquitous Google search, which always turns up Noma in Copenhagen in the top hits. Limiting for Noma, and other places that end up at the top, it is still very difficult. Fleming, featured in the crappy TV cooking show, points up another problem…the place that used to be Scandinavian, but now has nothing Nordic about it, at all.

I would welcome any leads for good places to feature on The Althing. Drop me a line, folks.

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