Do I Need Drupal or Joomla?

To date, has been built using Frontpage 2003. I know, I know…a pox on my house. What can I say, it works. It does the things I want it to do, the pages look the way I want them to (more or less), and I can change things easily. I’m sure any real web pro viewing my source would have a heart attack. I have always plotted my own course, sometimes to my own disadvantage. Many years ago, I taught myself BASIC on my first computer, a Timex Sinclair with the optional 16K RAM module. It ganged multiple functions on each key, and used a single key to enter commands (GOTO, GOSUB, etc). Saved time, once you got used to it. Unfortunately, the only way to save your work was with a cheap cable to a user-provided cassette recorder, which I could never make work. Consequently, I had to enter my programs in every single time I wanted to use them. Not too bad, except I had some complex programs, such as a statistical NBA basketball simulation. To save time, and because I was self taught, I devised the most streamlined spaghetti code you ever saw. It worked, but not the way a real programmer would do it. I taught myself to type, and type nearly 100 wpm…with three fingers.

I have always also been penny wise and pound foolish, and I won’t bore you with those stories, but I’m wondering if something like Drupal or Joomla might be the more elegant method of keeping The Althing running.

Drupal. Isn’t he that cross-dressing Cajun chef? I get confused.

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