Hammering Out the Bugs – Domain Changes

This has been a learning experience. My site is hosted by 1and1. When I determined to start a blog, I initially just chose my althing domain, in the mistaken belief that the blog would be added. Instead, it overwrote my site completely, so I had to quickly delete the blog and upload all my site files. Then I set up the blog again, using the default 1and1 domain, which was some nondescript alphanumeric gobbledygook. I was not particularly happy, as my blog seemed to exist in URL limbo. Today I had a brain storm. You have free subdomains, you dolt! Create one and migrate your blog to it. The subdomain was easily created, but how to migrate? 1and1 uses WordPress for their blogs, and it appears from the documentation that WordPress offers much more control than 1and1 allows. Had I downloaded WordPress, and then created and published my blog onto 1and1 that way, I would, it seems, have retained a great deal more control. In the end, 1and1 did allow enough control to do the job fairly quickly. I just exported all my prior posts, etc. Then I deleted the blog entirely, and recreated it in the subdomain. Finally, I imported the file I had exported. Viola! Maybe not the most elegant way of going about tings, but it got the job done, so now my website is intact at www.the-althing.com, while this blog can be found (as you apparently did) at www.blog.the-althing.com.

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