Hovering on the Precipice

As you may have guessed even by now, based upon my previous postings, I am not given to spur of the moment decisions (most of the time). I am like a dog that circles a few times before settling down. Right now I have brought development of www.the-althing.com to a temporary halt while I debate my course of actio. Should I continue as before, nesting table within table, horrifying decent coder society? Should I systematically alter my existing code in Frontpage 2003, making stronger use of CSS, changing from table to div? Or should I migrate to a more up-to-the-date design tool, such as Kompozer, and start from scratch while teaching myself the ins and outs of CSS? Those in favour of using CSS make strong and logical arguments. The minority in favour of staying the table course appear to be cantankerous old curmudgeons. Should be a no-brainer, except I am a bit of a cantakerous old curmudgeon, myself, and have been even when I was young.

Another course suggests itself, too, which is a course of parallel development…keep building The Althing, and build the new and improved Althing in the background. Argument against this is that I already have a wealth of incomplete projects stretching out into the shadowy and distant past. Remember teaching myself C++? How’d that work out? Remember all those half finished (or barely begun) fiction ideas?

The beat goes on.

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