Well, I have officially become one of those folks who start a blog, then let it dwindle. It’s been a couple of months since I did a perfunctory entry here, and likewise I have let The Althing drift in its mission. Work is the culprit. In early September the department of corrections officially eliminated my posiition as the regional Library Program Specialist for northeast Florida, at which point I became the education supervisor at New River CI…kind of a glorified school principal. Looking at the glass as half full, they took care of the four of us by creating posiitions for us to move into, with no loss of pay (in fact, we take home slightly more because we are no longer career service). Looking at another way, though, it’s a step backwards to return to the daily grind of dealing with inmates at an institution. I find I enjoy the library biz, and wish to continue working in that field. To that end, I have been putting in job apps in sundry and various places. Farthest afield was a similar position as my prior one, only out in Colorado. We made the trip, did the interviews, failed to get the job. The selectee was someone with a “vision for correctional libraries”. I freely admit to a paucity of visions of any kind, much less those having to do wiith prison libraries.

It also didn’t help this site that before the Colorado trip, my son had a flare up of his asthma, and just before the trip, I came down with something that became a severe case of bronchitis. The latter wasn’t helped by a pressed travel schedule and a climb to 5300 foot altitudes. I am only now starting to feel something like normal.

So there you have them…my alibis. You can disregard them all as so much BS, should you choose. Bottom line, if everything goes according to Hoyle, I’ll be back adding posts here, and adding content to the Thang before too long.

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