And The Hits Keep Rolling On…

Still being a sluggard in regards to keeping The Althing up-to-date. I will still blame work, as well as the holiday season, though they be poor excuses at best. The holiday thing requires no explanation, except to say we spent a week out of town and I am not a laptop aficionado. The work roller-coaster continues apace, with word received last week that the prison where I work is slated for closing. First my job disappeared from under me, and now a whole prison has. There can be but one explanation…I am magic!

Again, DC has said they will make every effort to place all effected  workers from the seven institutions being closed. No telling where I will turn up, but a lateral move to the same job at another institution has been floated out to me as a possibility. Main drawback would be a much longer commute, since it isn’t prudent to relocate in these uncertain times.

One interesting development over the holidays has been my work to establish a web presence for my mother-in-law. I have resurrected her old domain, Faith Cares, and am building it up (a bit) as an e-commerce hub for her various money-making efforts. For speed (ha ha!) I have done the work in Joomla, which has turned out to be an educational experience. It has a bit of a learning curve, but gradually I am whipping it into shape.

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  1. annodomini says:

    Again, in case you follow the link to Faith Cares it is not my work. She dropped it for a time, then brought it back with a very generic look.

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