Breaking the Log Jam

Today was a good day for getting work done on the Thing, a rare multi-hour stretch with nothing to do but sit and catch up. I’m feeling pretty good about it, and hope to keep up the momentum. Lots of authors and books added, some music, and some cultural stuff, as well. In the interim, it’s not as though I haven’t been thinking about the site. In doing work on my mother-in-law’s site, Faith Cares, I have looked at some issues from a different perspective. Wondering now about the relative merits of individual links versus incorporating whole aStore pages. I have seen the point argued in several blogs, and to my surprise, the consensus seesm to be the individual links. Still, something to look into down the road.

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  1. annodomini says:

    In case anyone gets a wild hair and links to the Faith Cares site, my mother-in-law abandoned it for awhile, and resumed on her own with what looks like a generic web builder app. Not my work.

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