Here is my alibi…or, to be more correct, my alibis.

First, I am in the process of winding down one job assignment, and moving on to a new one. This coming Thursday will be my last day at the soon-to-be-closed New River Correctional Institution. The following day will be my first at Hamilton CI. Not only will I be transitioning locations, I will also be starting a new job, moving from Education Supervisor (like a school principal) to a Placement and Testing Specialist. To throw a further monkey wrench in the works, though I will be a PTS, I also will be acting as the Education Supervisor, because that slot is currently open. Why, you may ask, did I not just become Ed Supervisor? It is because I am an Ed Supervisor I, and the Hamilton slot is an Ed Supervisor II, and by rule nobody can promote in this Byzantine process. The state currently has a hiring freeze in place (more or less), so I just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens next. In the meantime, I continue to look for situations that will get me back into library land.

Second, I finally broke down and upgraded my PC, and it is taking awhile to get everything configured to my liking. I am a bottom feeder of the computer world, existing on $200 units culled off eBay, which I upgrade as needed, making them last several years, before the limitations of old hardware and software finally bring my activities to a halt. I had noted a growing tendency for my PC to slow me down, so I have moved to a Dell Optiplex 745 running Windows 7 Professional. There has been a learning curve, and myriad tweaks. Some software will not run on 7, like my extremely decrepit Quickbooks 2002, to name one. Most upsetting has been my move to the wireless Logitech MK320 combo mouse and keyboard. In making the move, I have finally abandoned my hoary old Focus 2001 keyboard, which I have used on every PC I’ve had for about twenty years, beginning with the XT I hand built using Aubrey Pilgrim’s book.

So there you have my reasons. Take them or leave them as you wish. The plan is to continue working on my mother-in-law’s Faith Cares site, as well as the Thang. In addition, Bonnie today said she wanted to secure her own domain. Because her demands are not at the level of the other two, I plan on placing her with 1and1, using their site builder. That way I can create it quickly and then hand the keys to her to do what she will.

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