Time? Ha, Ha, Ha!

Well, I’ve wrapped up three weeks at my new position at Hamilton Correctional in Jasper, FL, and it has turned out to be an all-consuming operation. As stated before, I am the PTS and also the acting Education Supervisor. Hamilton is much larger than New River, with a far more diverse inmate population. Whereas I was responsible for seven folks at New River, at Hamilton I’m supervising fifteen. I’m pretty much running non-stop for nine hours, because I cram down my lunch at my desk. Of course those that know me would merely shrug and say I cram down all my meals. True.

In any event, I have barely looked at The Thang in that time. When you add in the three hours a day I spend in transit to and from, and the priority to spend time with Bonnie and Grant, doesn’t leave much time for other things. What has happened is that everything gets compressed into the weekends, and there’s just not enough time.

I know. Waaa! Waaa! Put your big boy pants on, bubba.

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