Didn’t want to mix subject matter, so this is a different posting.

The Althing is now converted to PHP. Something I’ve been contemplating for a couple years but never had the chance to  implement. Now it is done, or more properly it is begun, as I have further plans moving forward into the future. Hopefully the Thang will become a far more dynamic and interesting site as we progress.

The process was not without its hiccups. Installed XAMPP on my computer, picked up a copy of PHP Solutions by David Powers, moved over all my files, and did the conversion. The first thing I did was to change all my page menus to includes. Tested it all, everything worked flawlessly. Uploaded it all to 1and1, and nothing. All sorts of odd errors. Old files I had deleted appeared out of nowhere (some strange cache?). The site was down for a good two days. Finally, today I realized I had copied over a small php.ini file that maybe, just maybe, ought not to be there. Deleted it and the Thang came back to life like Lazarus rising from the dead.

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