Life is good.

I’m doing a job I love, and one of the things I love about it is not driving 150 miles round trip daily. This has freed up a massive amount of time, which is a wonderful thing. A lot of that is devoted to family, and rightfully so, but a segment of it should allocated to creative efforts, like writing and keeping up with the Thang. And to digress just a bit, thanks to the folks who have bought our products. I hope you enjoy them.

But back on point. One of my peculiarities is that I have to have a clean slate before I can get creative. I have to start every project with a clean desk. The desk will certainly get messy when I get rolling, but I need to have room to spread things out and see it all at certain stages in the process. One mental mess that has been hovering over my head is the efforts to sell our property back in Baker County. It has been pretty stressful to have a rent payment on top of a mortgage payment, which has been the case for almost a year. One sale fell through months ago, but we are hopefully looking at a closing next week, and if all goes well this source of stress will be eliminated. And the price we are getting, though still much less than the home was valued at atop the bubble, should allow us to also retire both car payments a bit early. All told, it should free up almost $1000 monthly between the cars and the mortgage payments going away. This, in turn, should allow us to start attacking the other debts we incurred as a natural process of moving, and get us  back on track of buying a home here in Tallahassee.

Of course it’s all up to God, whatever happens.

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