A Facebook Weekend

Some time back I had established a page for the-althing.com on Facebook. I routed these blog postings to that feed, and I systematically went through all of the places featured on the thang, checked if they had a FB page, and then liked or followed them. Imagine my dismay when the only postings that showed up on the feed were the blog postings I put there myself. I confess I was looking for a lazy way to build traffic for the site and I was disappointed that was not it.

Which brings us to this weekend. Like most things associated with this site (and with my life) I am self-taught and I learn a lot through trial and error methodology. I’m not too big into buying how-to books or soliciting advice. I had previously experimented with trying to share posts from other sites onto the althing.com feed but they ended up on my regular FB feed, where they do me no good. However, I realized that when you click “share” one of the options that drops down is “share to a page you manage.” Voila! This weekend I really dug in, hit the feeds of the folks I featured on the thang, and started sharing them to my the-althing.com feed on Facebook. This also gave me an ideal time to start to build the calendar of events back up. I had started with a free calendar from Keep and Share, which worked fairly decently. But awhile back I noticed the link was broken, and when I checked I learned they no longer offered the free calendar. At the time I started the calendar it was a close pick between K&S and Google, so I went back and checked Google calendar and found it was easier to work than K&S and I went to that. The only problem was I never got time to populate it with events, so it sat empty for a few months. As I pored through FB entries this weekend it was a perfect opportunity to start to build the calendar.

The bottom line is that this weekend was very productive. There were a few changes to the actual page, consisting of the calendar and an edit for a NYC shop that went out of business. But I really started to build traffic through FB, and hopefully that project will continue this week and next weekend.

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